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Mesh Check BGL Edition

Mesh check is the perfect addon to help you clean your meshes.

  • Ngons
  • Triangles
  • N-poles
  • E-poles
  • Poles with more than 5 edges
  • Isolated verts
  • Non-manifold edges

Mesh check will flush them out for you.

It works on 1 or a selection of objects, both in object mode and edit mode.

Since the display is in BGL, you will be able to change easily the colors in the addon preferences.

An 'X Ray' option is also available to see colors through the mesh.

Mesh check is also very handy before exporting an asset for 3d printing to check if it is closed for example.

You’ll find the addon in the Overlay menu of the 3D view.

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Mesh Check BGL Edition

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